These comments are taken from Feedback Surveys from our parents:

21/09/2021 – My son absolutely loves going to crèche, and has come on leaps and bounds since he started going.

21/09/2021 – Very happy and the teachers are wonderful.

21/09/2021 – My child runs in every morning and is very happy there.

21/09/2021 – My daughter absolutely loves attending and we are delighted she is so happy and making new friends, learning and having fun.

20/09/2021 – I feel completely happy and safe dropping my son off each day knowing the care he will receive from the staff is top class.

20/09/2021 – Fabulous staff. So lucky to have them.

21/09/2021 – I think Caisleán Óir is doing a fantastic job.

4/12/2020 – All my kids were very happy attending and always looked forward to going. Great staff and very well organized.

4/12/2020 – My child he absolutely loves going. Does be upset on Saturday and Sunday when he isn’t going.

4/12/2020 – Always so helpful and kind towards my children.